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Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari

A fancommunity thereof, to be exact

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The All Things Studio Pixel fancommunity
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A community for fans of Cave Story, Guxt, PxTone and other works of Studio Pixel
This is a fancommunity for the popular japanese freeware game, Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story in english), which was brought to the US through Aeon Genesis Translation Project. It has also on a lesser note become an all-things-Pixel community, dealing with all of his works and what is made of them by his fans.

Cave Story is a retro-style platformer game with a deep plot that continues to twist around as the game goes on, cute characters that you'll enjoy with each appearance, brilliant and well-polished gameplay, and great replay value. And guess what? It was all made by one person! Yes, one person made a game that has surpassed many other games of this current time in many non-eyecandy aspects. Amazing, isn't it? That's why there's a community made for it -- to celebrate this amazing game.

If you're just browsing and stumbled upon this community without knowing what's it about, please, take some time to play the awesome game this community's about. *points at link*


  • No flaming, flamebaiting, or trolling. - Usually it doesn't take a lot of sense to figure out what is what, but in the end, it's the maintainers who decide what is and isn't.
  • No unrelated advertising. - Any links posted in new entries must have some relevance to the subject of Cave Story, and links posted in comments or threads must have relevance to the post or thread in question.
  • No NC-17 material, Cave Story-related or otherwise. - I don't care how much you like Curly or Sue or even Balrog, but you cannot request or post adult material, be it art, fiction, etcetera etcetera, of any character(s) in Cave Story. And yes, that includes the Balrog Bukkake picture.
  • No discussion of illegal software, like Warez or whathaveyou. - So far, I have not heard anything from Pixel about the various Cave Story editors being released on the net. As such, they can be talked about. However, unrelated Warez discussion will not be tolerated.

Rules subject to change without notice.

Doukutsu Monogatari links:

Maintainers: skyewelse, shihtzu
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