Homemade Balrog Soft-Toy and Cave Story Tee

Yo, guys, for my birthday 3? years ago my sister made me a Balrog soft toy. It's made from a block of sponge covered in material with limbs sewed on. So I guess it's kind of like a pillow/cushion. Finally got around for uploading pics for you guys.

Front View

Back View View with legs visible Top View

Also here's a pic of a t-shirt I made and ordered from Zazzle:

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The Suite Life of Quote

We had our TV on the Disney Channel, and part of the show on caught my eye, so I watched for a moment.  There were CGI characters in an arcade.  As they walked around, I noticed one of the games had a familiar-looking image.  It looked like it was the first level of Cave Story, with Quote just hopping up and down.  I checked the name of the show, and it was the episode "Goin' Bananas" of "The Suite Life on Deck."

I found the episode on YouTube in 3 parts.  The arcade section starts at 7:04 of part 2 and continues to the beginning of part 3.  You can see it quite well at the beginning of part 3, once the cat moves out of the way.  XD

Part 2 - The arcade part starts at time 7:04, at 7:14 you can get a really good look at it, as it's in the very center of the screen, the arcade section stops at 7:28, then resumes at 7:33 and goes to the end at 8:00.

Part 3 - It continues where part 2 left off at 0:00, the cat jumps off at 0:25 and you can see it clearly again, the arcade section stops at 0:37, the arcade is shown again at the end, but you can't see any of the Cave Story machines.

All in all, there appears to be 4 Cave Story arcade machines, one at the very right of the arcade, one at the very left, and two in the row in the back, one at the very right corner and one in the middle.

I thought this was neat, and wanted to share it with everyone here.  ^_^

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Haven't seen this posted: New Info (Hard Mode, New Outfit and Screenshot)

Hard Mode Screenshot

Video game website Joystiq posted an article about the Wii port of Cave Story, revealing the known Yellow costume being for Easy Mode, and an addition of a Hard Mode which gives a blue costume and blonde hair; as shown in the screenshot, as well as only 3HP. The article also quotes Pixel as stating there being "a LOT" of DLC planned, with possible requests, and three remixes.
The blog post also gives a bit more info.

A call for composers, arrangers, and orchestrators!

Hai folks,

I am looking for musicians, remixers or composers who know their way around arranging and orchestrating music. This is for a secret little Cave-Story-related project I hope to get going over the next month.

Shoot me an email ( or say hi on aim (germn_seabass) if you're interested and we'll chat.


New Pixel game: Akantares

Pixel has a new game out: Akantares!

Click the little red graphic on the lower-left to download. Don't get too excited, it's not Cave Story 2 or anything, but rather a simple one-on-one missile-trajectory combat game. Fire missiles at your opponent's planet, using the gravity of both your planetoids and the gray spheres scattered throughout the playfield. The game features what I think is Pixel's first net code.


Menu 1: Enter your name.

Menu 2: Lobby. The big white list shows Name and Time for waiting players. The lower-left button is Refresh, and the four buttons on the right are (from the top) Call, Wait, Single Player, and Quit.

If you wait, you will apparently show up in the lobby (there must be some central server), because when I tried waiting, in under a minute I was playing against some presumably Japanese person named “kei” (excellent win, kei!).

Main Gameplay: Adjust direction with the slider and click the button to fire (you probably figured that out). If you’re playing against another human, you’ll also get Emotion buttons to make different faces at your opponent.

Emotions Row 1: Blank, Happy, Angry, Sad, Pleased, Silent, Stupid, Nose

Emotions Row 2: Afraid, Surprised, Despairing, Glasses, Grinning, Annoyed, Confused, Neutral

Sometimes it seems to have trouble connecting; I've gotten stuck more than once with it saying "Acquiring Coordinates..." when it tries to start a game. In fact, I've only been able to connect the one time so far... No, wait, make that two times now, so maybe the problem wasn't on my end after all. Feel free to comment if you have any better or worse luck!