wppwah (wppwah) wrote in doukutsu,

Cave Story WiiWare bugs?

Well, the new music has problems, but I've just gotten a bug that directly affects gameplay.

So I was at the point in the game in which Momorin gives you the Mimiga Mask, and, after getting the sprinkler, I decided to head back down the Outer Wall for the hell of it. Kazuma was gone. I went through the bottom left door to go back to the Egg 00 Room, and... the screen went dark blue, and the game hung. There was some sort of perpetual sawtooth-wave sound playing, but no music. I couldn't access the Wii menu, either, so I had to turn the console off and on.

Not sure if this happened because of the weird path I took, because I pushed a button just as I was leaving a room, or something really strange. I can't seem to recreate this bug with the save file I have, so I'm guessing it was a really random hiccup? I dunno.

I had the Spur and the Whimsical Star.
I had saved Curly but her memory was still gone. (No Ma Pignon.)
Got the sprinkler, hadn't gone back to Momorin yet.
I had gone once through the Plantation teleporter to the Grasstown (Bushlands) Shelter, then come back.
Last save point: Storehouse with Itoh and 24 HP.

Anyone noticed any other bugs so far?
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