Blast from the past

Sup guys, it's been a while. As a hardcore Cave Story fan (as most of the people that have this community on their friends list already are), I picked up the 3ds version of the game a few days ago.

I have already played the original PC version, that ported to the PSP, as well as the Wii version, and was interested to see how Nicalis handled the game in stereoscopic 3d. Thankfully, it's very good, with only a few areas that stand out so far you need to turn the 3d slider down. The levels are all redone very well.

The thing I thought some people would like to know however, and the reason I'm writing this post, is that there are 2 extra areas in this version of the game. They are transitional areas, in that they don't have any new guns or story items, but they are fun to play through. There's also a tiny hidden area they threw in as well where you actually can get a new item exclusive to this version. I won't actually detail this for spoilers sake, but if you must know, there's always Google.

That being said, the game is worth getting if you have a 3ds. Who would have known Pixel would reach this kind of success this many years later?

Linux port of Cave Story

Hi, I'm using a EeePC with Ubuntu, which is not the fastest machine in the world. However it runs the Wine version of Cave Story very smoothly without any problem at all. But this version runs sooooo slow, I'm wondering if someone could do something about it? I'm willing to test whatever version someone comes with on my tiny computer.

The build I have comes from 2007. Is there any newer?

Cave Story on DSiWare

Tomorrow, November 29th 2010, Cave Story will be officially released on DSiWare.
As I have done most of the programming for the DSi port, I'm pretty excited about this. Does anyone of you own a Nintendo DSi and/or is planning to buy the game?

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A little help with the Cave Story Remix Project...

So uh, hi.

I just found out that the Cave Story Remix Project was updated on October 29, 2010, with k-wix adding a third CD with seven new songs [Google Cache link], but there's a slight problem... the site seems to be dead. I managed to fish out a Google Cache mirror of the download page, which still had a download link for the updated album. However, the artwork link was still hosted at k-wix's site, and so... I can't download it.

So um, I don't suppose anyone here has a mirror for the updated artwork around? The Nicalis download mirror supposedly included the new artwork, but it didn't...

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Cat pixel image

So...I was stumbling around a few years ago and found some art by Pixel. Particularly, one of a black cat and a white cat, laying with their backs towards each other, which I thought was a pretty nifty image. It wasn't part of neko100 or anything like that. I just remember saving it a few years back, and now I can't find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Cave Story Wii Patch

I read on GameFAQs Cave Story board that Cave Story Wii's been updated!  Looks like it was patched yesterday, according to the comments there.

I downloaded the patch, it took 4 blocks of Wii memory and several minutes to download.  ^_^

The GameFAQs thread also tells the changes, looks like it's mostly music and glitches that were fixed.  ^_^
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How to reach Pixel?

Anyone knows how to reach Pixel? I want to ask permission to releasing Cave Story for the GP2X Wiz (newer version of GP2X), but I didn't get any answer. Tried mailing to amado at nifty dot com, which seems to be his mail address.

Official: Balrog IS a robot (maybe)

I took a break today, and decided to fire up Cave Story for a little while. While playing I was reminded of how ambiguous a lot of the game's characters are- who are those men dressed as snakes, for example? What the hell are those things that look like white skateboards with red eyes meant to be? If Balrog's a robot, why does he look exactly like Pooh Black, a ghost? IS Balrog a robot? 

This last question is never addressed in the game, and players have wanted to know for a while- in 2005, Derek Yu asked the game's creator

TIGSource: By the way, what is Balrog, exactly? And what is his relation to Pooh Black, since they look so similar?

Pixel: I leave that to the player's imagination.

So, it looks like the official explanation of what Balrog is going to remain under wraps, but- remember when I said Pixel rejected my t-shirt design because, in his words, it didn't have enough charm? Well, that's not the full story. See, I sent Pixel the following image: 

And he said: 


I think that says:

 The right side is very funny and interesting. As for the left side, there's not enough charm. Thanks for your mail.

Can anyone offer a better translation?
Now, at this juncture, Pixel might have said 'Hey, that's wrong! He's not a robot!' , but in fact he was  totally ok with Balrog being depicted as a robot on an officially-sanctioned Cave Story shirt. I guess it's a stretch to take this as a confirmation, but it's somethin'!