Nator "SJ" X (nator_sj) wrote in doukutsu,
Nator "SJ" X

Guxt V0.900

So, there's a new version of Guxt up, gang. Apparently "Ranking" and "Trial" can be used now, though I can't play it now as I'm on a mac with no access to Parallels at the moment.
It sounds delicious, though.

Edit: So you can unlock the Trial and Ranking by beating the game once. Trial is apparently a non-stop game until you die once, and ranking is just a local list of high scores.

Edit2: Wrong again! Trial is the "true" game apparently. But you can't die at all.
Here's my best replay of Trial so far, I get to the boss but don't beat him. (I paused to take that picture, and screwed up :p) (right click + save-as)
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