Shih Tzu (shihtzu) wrote in doukutsu,
Shih Tzu

Studio Pixel Diaries 12/6/06 - 12/7/06

The latest entries in Pixel's development diary:

Concern about my old data led me to look through one of my backup CDs from 1999. Seeing all my half-finished CG and MIDI data was very nostalgic. For old times' sake, I patched up an old game of mine from October 1997 called 'JiLJiL' and put it up in the storehouse. It was the era when I was just getting the hang of DirectX.

Fixed the bug in Pxtone Collage regarding the arrow-key vertical scrolling field. Placed a few enemies into Stage 5 of the shooting game."

Incidentally, on his BBS, Pixel says he's given up trying to get the shooting game out by the end of the year, and instead he's thinking he'll maybe aim for spring.
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